Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Accessories, Dine-in and To-go Tea, Afternoon Tea, Tea Parties, Gifts


    We have over 75 different types of loose leaf teas from all over the world. We're like mad scientists here and are always coming up with new and exciting blends. Tea-Rations even has several blends to match some of Washington's great cities. Come see if we have your town! We love making custom blends for our customers. If your blend becomes a hit with other customers, we'll even name it after you! We have tea accessories (pots, cups and infusers) We also have gifts and will custom package your order!

    Tea Rations is here because the last thing the NW needed is another coffee shop. We offer tea for customers to dine-in or take with them on the go. That's right, our entire selection ready to be put in a cup and enjoyed, just for you!

    We do AFTERNOON TEA! How could we not, after so many requests? Tea Rations proudly serves traditional cucumber watercress mini-sandwiches, scones and tarts, on a three tiered tray. Not in the mood for something quite so fancy? You can come in and get any combination of our snacks and a cup (or a pot) of tea. Have several people to invite? Call and book our party room. (Or push tables together, we're not picky)

    We're owned by a single mom. So, we know how hard it can be to find something meaningful to do with your kids that:

   1. Doesn't cost a fortune.

   2. Isn't going to "poison" their bodies or their brains

Tea Rations is the perfect place to spend time with your kids. Play a game, Plan a tea party in our tea party room, or just sit and visit. Simply, enjoy each other!